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Spatial Biology Platform to Enable Rapid Image Analysis and Secure Data Sharing

Proxima is a sophisticated tissue analysis and image management system that accelerates biomarker discovery across boundaries by enabling immediate access from anywhere to geographically distributed and remote teams.

Why did we create the Explore! Proxima guest account? Explore! Proxima is a free, online repository of whole slide multispectral digital slides stained with Akoya Biosciences' Opal Polaris reagents and digitized using the Vectra Polaris featuring MOTiF. Images have been provided by both Akoyans and researchers across the globe actively using our Phenoptics platform.

Akoya will be actively updating Proxima to bring best-in-class tissue analysis and image management tools to researchers performing multiplexed immunofluorescence workflows to discover new diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. Upcoming features will always be deployed to Explore! Proxima first before becoming available to Proxima accounts. This will give current users and researchers interested in Proxima the opportunity to explore these new features before they are deployed into their own workflow.

Does Explore! Proxima allow me to try Akoya's tissue analysis tools? Akoyans of Proxima are hard at work adding in cloud-based whole slide tissue analysis tools into Explore! Proxima. When available, anyone with access to Explore! Proxima will be able to demo these tools live in the Explore! Proxima environment.

Do I need a username and password to log in? Yes, to request access to Explore! Proxima, please click the following Link. Proxima uses HTTPS for secure communication, along with Auth0 for authentication and authorization. Each customer Proxima site has administrators who manage who can access data and their permissions on a per-study basis.

Are the images displaying in Explore! Proxima unmixed? Yes! All whole slides images are displayed unmixed on the fly! inForm is not required to unmix a digital slide first before syncing to Proxima, saving time in your multiplexed immunofluorescence workflows, speeding up your discovery of diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

Can I access Explore! Proxima from anywhere in the world? Yes, Explore! Proxima is accessible globally. Please note, Explore! Proxima serves data out of AWS servers on the eastern seaboard of the United States, so users outside this zone (EMEA and Asia Pacific) may experience slight latency in image viewing.

Can I view Explore! Proxima from any device? We recommend viewing from a desktop computer. While you should be able to view Explore! from any device running Chrome or Firefox, Proxima has yet to be optimized for the touch screen experience. 

What browsers will provide the best experience? We personally recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Can I contribute imagery to Explore! Proxima? Yes! We always welcome new images to showcase in Explore! Proxima. At this point, we can only accept MOTiF Images up to 6-plex, 7-color scanned on the Vectra Polaris.

Does Proxima support CODEX imagery? Proxima will soon be expanded to support the visualization and analysis of ultra-high plex images generated by Akoya's CODEX platform.

Can I use Explore! Proxima to test drive my own spatial analysis algorithms? Yes! We believe you should be able to get the most out of your results. Please reach out to to discuss how to get access to our sandbox and test drive our Proxima Connect public and open API with your algorithms.

If you require further support, please reach out to