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Proxima is a modern data and image management platform providing a simple, yet flexible interface on which biomarker researchers can truly collaborate. You will be able to implement powerful, more streamlined tissue biomarker analysis workflows that drive your translational research applications and transition to fully cloud-based workflows at your own pace.

Proxima 1.0 consists of the following components:

  • Unlimited cloud storage on Amazon AWS
  • Secure Proxima Cloud application for viewing unmixed QPTIFFS from a web browser
  • Local Proxima Repository that mirrors your AWS content on a local drive
  • Local Proxima Sync application to transfer imagery to Proxima

Proxima User Guides:

 Setting Up Proxima
EX-PRX-003 Proxima Support - Setting Up Proxima.pdf
 Proxima User Administration
EX-PRX-005 Proxima Support - User Administration.pdf
 Proxima Study Administration
EX-PRX-004 Proxima Support - Study Administration.pdf
 Proxima Data Sync
EX-PRX-001 Proxima Support - Data Sync.pdf
 Proxima Cloud Navigation
EX-PRX-002 Proxima Support - Cloud Navigation.pdf